We Need an Army of Sheikh Hamzas

Frontline Interview with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

Is he brilliant or what?! Everyone make dua’ for his success. He says he is one person but with Allah’s support, he can change the world!

Also today I almost ran over a squirrel. It jumped out in front of me when I was driving. It went under my car so I stopped and looked in my rear-view mirror and I saw it moving its tail. I get out of my car and run back and I see it breathing heavily. Three minuets later, it gets up, looks at me, and runs away. May Allah protect all of us from killing animals unjustly and not have this be held against me on the day of judgement.


5 responses to “We Need an Army of Sheikh Hamzas

  1. aww, that squirrel must have had a fright!
    extremely shy creatures : )

  2. Jazak Allahu khairan. What he said about militant sentiments in youth is disturbing. That people, even in the West, see war as the only solution is quite sad.

    hah, but I don’t know about an “army of Sheikh Hamzas”, the army part kind of goes against his whole message 🙂

  3. What I meant by army is a a large group of. In Arabic, there is no word for army. What is used is “jaysh” which means a large group of professionals in something.

  4. i was joking. i know you didn’t mean it literally 🙂

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