Habib Ali Bridges the Gap

I don’t know if anyone remembers the Danish Cartoon Crisis (If you don’t, then get out of your cave) but a while back Habib Ali Jifri went to Denmark to dialogue with some of the right winged nationalist political parties and he engaged them very directly.

The video can be found here. I got this from Guidance Media who have a bunch of other excellent stuff that you should look through. If you are reading this from my facebook notes and it’s not working then go to the original bog site and click on the link.

At first it’s a couple of girls, one from Denmark and one from Egypt, discussing what they thought of each other and then it later shows Habib Ali engaging the politician. There are several things that should be noted that we can benefit from when dealing with issues like this.

  1. Habib Ali did not get angry. He was always very calm and smiling.
  2. He was very polite. The translator did not put this in but he referred to the politician as “istaz” which means teacher. It is a sort of equivalent to “sir” in English.
  3. He acknowledged the good in Denmark. He spoke about that other political party that respected immigrants.
  4. He kept the objectives clear. He mentioned steps that the nationalist politician could take to “Open the Doors of Understanding.”
  5. He spoke very eloquent Arabic. People are taken more seriously when they do not make grammatical errors and speak eloquently.

He also had the general Prophetic manners (which are not mutually exclusive from the above) that the Haba’ib are noted for. These are general tips for Muslims that sometimes have to deal with these issues on a daily basis. I also want to include a quote, even though it is a little overly belligerent, by Otto von Bismarck who said “Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness.” Insha’Allah the readers may benefit from this.

Get on with it!


2 responses to “Habib Ali Bridges the Gap

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