TV is Evil!

Destroy your TVs!  They are the epitome of distraction in this world!  I was walking in Washington Dulles International Airport yesterday and I found myself staring at this television.  It was, in a very boring and monotone voice, describing how the airport is undergoing a $12 billion renovation and how it was doing a bunch of other boring stuff.  Despite how boring it was, I could not help but to stare.  I have left television absolutely for about 6 months so I am very desensitized to it.  I am not put in a position where any television will now put me in almost a trance.  I can literally feel my mind going numb.  It distracts me from my soul, mind, and body; the three main concerns.  If something like this can take you away from what is actually important, why not destroy it?!  If you need news, get it from the internet (BBC is great) or from a newspaper.  Entertainment?  Spend some time with your friends.  Documentaries?  Read a book.  Keeping the children quite?  Put them outside or give them a book (numbing a kid’s mind at such a crucial period is not good for them).  In the future, I might buy a television for purposes of photography and home videos, but I will not buy the service for it.


One response to “TV is Evil!

  1. I wouldn’t agree that TV is evil, but much of it is dull, uninspired and unintelligent. There are some good points though, you praise BBC for their news content, but they also provide some excellent factual TV.

    I saw a documentary on BBC4 this week about first contact with tribes in New Guinea, it was both informative and fascinating.

    I’m with you on getting children to read though, I read with my Godchildren whenever I can, they love sitting and listening / reading along to stories.

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