Imam al-Ghazali’s Signs of Good Character

I was going through some old notes and I decided it would be good to share this with everyone:

  1. great in modesty
  2. not harmful to others
  3. great deal of good
  4. truthful of tongue
  5. not talking much
  6. one does much
  7. little in sins
  8. one doesn’t meddle much in other people’s business
  9. piety and kindness
  10. to keep up one’s contacts and relatives
  11. one has dignity
  12. one is very patient
  13. very grateful
  14. easily satisfied
  15. slow to become upset
  16. tender towards people
  17. restraint and self respect
  18. merciful
  19. not cursing
  20. does not revile people
  21. veiling private affairs
  22. some one who does not have hatred
  23. not too hasty
  24. not malicious
  25. not cheap
  26. not envious
  27. cheerful and amiable
  28. hate for the sake of Allah and love for the sake of Allah
  29. be angry for the sake of Allah and be pleased for the sake of Allah.

I joke with people and tell them that I am arrogant and aside from that I am perfect. In reality though, I think I am greatly lacking and deficient in all of these. I have been graced by Allah with meeting several awliyah and I would love to be as close to Allah as they are. Oh how far I am from that! Make dua’ that I be a better person please.

P.S. Sorry if the grammar is not top notch. These were hastily put together notes after all.


One response to “Imam al-Ghazali’s Signs of Good Character

  1. its tough to live up to all the above……as time passes it keeps getting tougher and tougher…..thus we get back to the old but often told theory-”its the survival of the fittest.”

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