Talk of the Town

A few months ago, everyone was talking about how great of a Muslim I was. They put on me upon a pedestal that I did not truly deserve. I am no better than the Muslims who go to the night clubs and stuff because Allah could have put in a night club just as easily as he put in a mosque. Everything I have good is from Allah and all my deficiencies and transgressions are from myself. That is a different story. The point is, less people are saying these such things about me. It makes little difference as to whether or not I am praised because everyone is dead so they don’t matter. What changed was that people heard that I started to talk about Sufism and for this some people began to see me as some sort of deviant. This bothers me for two reasons.

One is that this shows the lack of knowledge in this community. Sufism is a science within Islam and has existed alongside other sciences in Islam such as fiqh (jurisprudence), tajweed (Quraan recitation), and aqida (theology) from very early on. The great scholars of Islam have always praised the true Sufis and Sufism. Great scholars such as Imam Ghazali and Imam Nawawi wrote treatises on Sufism and praised it. Sufism is not a sect or anything like that. The great Sufis such as Imam Taj-ul-Deen ibn ‘Ata-illah and Sheikh Ahmed Zarruq were Sunnis who followed mathhabs.

Two, it suggests that all the scholars who practiced Sufism, including the scholars mentioned above, were also deviants. This cannot be further from the truth. The scholars of Damascus acknowledge them as great scholars and their sayings on Sufism to be correct. Furthermore, many scholars in Damascus are Sufis themselves. I use Damascus because I have a book about half an inch thick that is a compilation of hadiths on how great the Muslims and scholars of Greater Syria, particularly Damascus, are. I’m only listening to the scholars of Damascus because the Prophet pbuh.gif said to.

For those of you who believe that Sufis are devients, I ask you to consider the results of Sufism. The following is a list of likely awliya that are Sufis:

Sheikh Abdul-Rahamn Shaghouri (May Allah have mercy upon him)*, al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz*, Habib Ali al-Jafri*, Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, and Sheikh Abdul-Razaq al-Halabi. The asterisk signifies that they are in a tariqa. This list does not include scholars that are possibly awliya. No one is sure who the awliya are but many people have a strong guesses. This list is very far from exhaustive. I can go on naming them all night.

I challenge any of you who believe Sufis to be deviants to name a single wali that does not follow a mathhab or is opposed to Sufism and may Allah guide you towards the True Path.

For those who do not believe I am a deviant, be sure to help me on the day of judgement and catch me if fall off the Sirat. Be sure to constantly guide me. If I am seen making an error, do not hesitate to correct me. I am in desperate need of this.

May Allah guide us an increase us in knowledge of the Deen. May Allah protect us all from the torment of the Fire and Wayl and permit us to quench our thirsts on the Day of Judgement from the Hawd of our believed Prophet pbuh.gif.


One response to “Talk of the Town

  1. I know exactly what you mean.

    I don’t mean that I’m a great Muslim or anything like that at all, but I know that people turn off when they hear someone talk about Sufism or tasawwuf and I remember Habib Ali (may Allah reward him for everything he does for this deen) talking about how people used to be praised because they used to be in the company of Sufis. It was a mark of credibility.

    And now, people use it in an accusatory fashion. So-and-so is a “Sufi,” you should stay away. It is used to discredit people and it’s really painful to see.

    Actually, I feel like I’m sort of in the same predicament though maybe not on a large scale. I feel like I’ve been branded a “Sufi” and thereby discredited anything I have to say. Not that I have any knowledge and should be spreading it but I sometimes feel that even if I were to say somethign very simple or give someone a book, they would be hesistant to accept it. It’s always good to be wary of who you take your deen from however, but we really need to understand Sufism and not just listen to rhetoric.

    If those who practice tasawwuf were deviant then we would be disregarding whatever books they wrote on knowledge they imparted. And if we were to do that then a HUGE corpus of knowledge would be taken from us. The Prophet*** said that his Ummah would not unite on error. He*** also said to take knowledge from those who know. And these scholars we have been given are certainly knowledgeable and have sound isnad back to the Prophet***.

    I remember someone once explaining the Hadith Jibril and saying that just as fiqh is to “islam” and aqidah is to “iman”, tasawwuf is to “ihsan.”

    May Allah guide us an increase us in knowledge of the Deen. May Allah protect us all from the torment of the Fire and Wayl and permit us to quench our thirsts on the Day of Judgement from the Hawd of our believed Prophet


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