My Ummah

Sometimes I worry about the Ummah.  I see many Muslims going astray and I become deeply concerned with them.  Sometimes what even hurts my soul even more is when I see a very pious Muslim making a small mistake because of some trick of the devil whether it be societal pressures or forgetting akhira.  My soul becomes wrenched and I find it difficult to hold back my tears.  I also see some responding to what they see by fleeing to the other extreme and saying that many things are haram where they are actually halal.  I know I’m not the one to talk and I have enough of my own sins to worry about.  I even find myself resisting these two extremes.  Nevertheless, it pains me greatly and I am begging to lose sleep over this.  I try to keep in mind that the Ummah is in the hands of Allah and I make dua’ for the Ummah.  I also try to remember the pious people that Allah has put around me by his infinite bounty.  It’s probably silly for me to feel responsible for the entire Ummah.

Oh Sayidna Mohammad!  Peace and prayers be upon you!  Your Ummah is in danger!  Ask Allah that he set us on the Strait Path and shower us in His Mercy by his Great Bounty.

Please do not forget me in your dua’ for I am in desperate need of it.


3 responses to “My Ummah

  1. Salam,
    Listen to this speech. It’s related to what you wrote 🙂 :

    (Taken from

  2. Jazakumallah Khayr. I think I need that reminder more than anyone else.

  3. In sha Allah, may Allah help the ummah of Muhammad SAW and it is better to pray directly to Allah rather than asking the Prophet because in sha Allah regardless the Prophet is going to intercede for us on yaumil qiyama(may Allah give him this honor).

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