Neo-Jahalyism, Arab Culture, and Other Ramblings

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious and the most Merciful.
I’m seeing this resurgence in Arab culture that is worrying me. People are becoming proud of their Arab heritage. Within itself, there is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s heritage, especially for Arabs. Allah sent the Quraan in Arabic and prefer the Arabs above other peoples by doing so (in Arabic there is a difference between tafdeel and tafreeq so Arabs are not any different from other peoples). What worries me is that this resurgence in Arab culture is divorced from Islam. Anyone ever study the sirah? Does anyone remember what the Arabs were like before Islam? We were the worst people in the planet! We were drunk and murderous thieves. Arab tribes would have 40 year wars over something trivial. Then the Greatest of Creation pbuh.gif came to us and purified not only the Arabs but anyone who accepted his message. Now this new period of Jahiliya is emerging. People are taking pride in these Arab pop singers who are nothing more than imitations of Western pop singers. The idea of jahali tribalism is being replaced with neo-jahali nationalism. It’s so great to be Palestinian, it’s so great to be Egyptian, it’s so great to be Syrian, etc. They take pride in things Allah and his Messenger pbuh.gif reviled and purified us of from before. The only thing the Arabs can be proud of are things relating to Islam. Look at all the things that the Arabs and non-Arab coreligionists did at the time when the land was ruled by Shariah and people feared Allah. There is nothing for Arabs to be proud of outside of Islam. This neo-jahalyism is consuming many people who are following its elements. For those of you who reject such things, make dua’ that Allah guide the neo-jahalis and praise Allah for guiding you away from it because Allah could have just as easily taken you to it. As for anyone one of you who may think they are neo-jahalis, reflect upon you current position and make dua’ that Allah guide you.

Now for other targets of my praises or criticisms.

Daylight savings: I started getting used to a more natural sleep regimen: wake up at fajr (or suhur during Ramadan) and sleep as early as possible. It is the sunnah to wake up early and sleep early. This threw me off. Now it is more difficult because I have LSAT practice that runs to 10 PM twice a week.

Post Cereal: Thank you for the Fruity Pebbles.

People who blast music: I hate you and your music.

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir: May Allah keep both of you and advance you in your endeavours.


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