Maintaining Wudu at the Cash Register

Me and a few other Shafi’s in Medina were discussing how we maintain our wudu when there is a female at the cash register and we have to get change back. Here are the strategies we came up with.

Change purse: Buy a change a purse and hold that out.

Receipt buffer: Take the receipt and any bills and put them on your palm and then let the cashier put the change in your hand.

Lowering the hand: As the cashier gives you the change, lower your hand. She will either let go and drop then in which case you pick them or they will fall into your hand.

Nails: Some women have long nails so just try to use the nails to keep the actual skin of the hand at a distance when receiving change.

Final joke: a (male) Shafi goes on a crowded elevator at floor one and accidentally touches a woman. Without stopping before that, he gets off at floor 7 and has wudu. How does he still have wudu? He decided to become Hanafi at the fourth floor.
If anyone has other techniques, please share them with me.

Ramadan Mubarak (whatever that means :-p)


One response to “Maintaining Wudu at the Cash Register

  1. oh, i HATE it when guy cashiers touch me. but i’m not a shafii. i just want them to not touch me. lol.. ESPECIALLY when they’re muslim.

    usually though, they do give u bills before change… so that might work.. or if it’s in the winter just wear gloves.. my brother is a shafii and he’ll wear his gloves in the store in the winter.

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