Who Keeps Googling My Sister!

One of the tools WordPress provides is a list of terms that people googled and brought them to my site. Every now and then, I see my sister on that list. Confess whoever you are!

I also wanted to share Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s hard hitting response to the Pope.

Someone get the Pope some aloe because he got burned!

Imam Zaid also published a response to the Pope in writing.

The Pope has yet to issue an actual apology (no, being sorry that people are angry does not count). Instead, he “clarified” his speech.

Also, the Danes are at it again. Though I think we should commend the government for reacting more prudently this time by denouncing the cartoons. Cudos to Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Maybe I’ll go out and buy some Legos now.

Lastly from the news, Jelly Sparks Toxic Waste Alert

“We conducted a variety of tests and figured out it was jelly.”


3 responses to “Who Keeps Googling My Sister!

  1. Ya! Confess!

  2. I confess it was me. I was looking for new material for my next blog post…I mean article in the prestigious FrontPage.

  3. Haha, thanks Joe for the fess 🙂

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