The Burdens of the Muslims in the West

I was watching Sheikh Habib Ali Jifri and how he was addressing an Arab audience at the celebration of the 7 Reciters of the Quran of Damascus (which I’ll link if I can ever find it) about how , after speaking in Denmark after the cartoon incident, the opinions of all the Danes changed in regards to Islam after the speeches. Through the course of his speech, I realized the Muslims of the West must be the vanguard of Islam! We are in a society that does not encourage Islamic morals and behavior. We are in a society of people who are drowning in the pursuit of temporary worldly pleasures and only the strongest Muslims can pull them out of these hazardous waters into the safety of Islam. Of all the Muslims in the world, we must be the most active and most knowledgeable. How can we teach Islam if we do not know it ourselves?! There is much work to be done, none of which is being done. Everyone who reads this post should sign up for a SunniPath class. If you know everything SunniPath has to offer, then teach. These are difficult times and our ignorance and lack of spirituality will make it all the more intolerable.

I know this is my second post today but I was very inspired…


One response to “The Burdens of the Muslims in the West

  1. Awww you’re so cuuuuute…

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