SunniPath Registration is OPEN!!!!

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I’m taking introductory Arabic 1. Despite the fact I can speak Arabic fluently, I have MANY gaps in my grammar so Arabic speakers are always telling me how bad my Arabic is because of all these little minor mistakes I make that, by the Will of Allah, will be remedies by this class and possibly another class after it.


3 responses to “SunniPath Registration is OPEN!!!!

  1. You know.. I heard this is an intro class in terms of “this is zaid’s book” and such. even though i thought they were going into grammar, i didn’t think they did. i could be wrong, but if i were you, i’d try to find out.

  2. As sad as it may seem, I think I need that…
    I never even studied the basics so when I speak Arabic, words just roll out without consideration of grammer. It’s usually coherent but I still have many problems.

  3. Well inshAllah it will be beneficial for you then. 🙂

    At least you’ll get a better hold on your mother tongue.

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