Syria and Saudi Arabia Pictures

I can’t link them to a Kodak easy share gallery so here’s the system I devised.  E-mail with something about the pictures in the subject line and I will invite you to view the gallery.  You can do whatever you want the pictures except take credit for them.  Some of them are wide-screen so they would make good laptop backgrounds if you have a wide-screen laptop.  Use them to remember Allah.  Some pictures have the remembrance of Allah written on it and will remind you to glorify Allah.  Other pictures have a scenery so beautiful and breathtaking that you can only glorify Allah.


2 responses to “Syria and Saudi Arabia Pictures

  1. JazakumAllahu khairan for the pictures. 🙂 I meant to reply to your e-mail but was busy! Masha’Allah the investment in the camera was worth it as the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Masha Allah, great pics. Thanks for sharing!

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