So, You Want to Debate the Atheists?

I have received a number of people coming to my site after googling the combination of Islam and atheism so I decided to address that.

First of all, know what you are debating. See Post Everyone Needs to Study Islamic Creed

As you have read, not knowing what you are arguing for can lead to disastrous results. It might be you who loses the argument and your faith. SunniPath offers some phenomenal classes on the subject. After one of their elementary classes on aqeeda, I was able to answer their questions very easily. Sidi Farraz said that in order to make dawa’, one must have a token amount of knowledge. This is doubly so with atheists because they, as fallacious as it may be, use reason and the only way to guide them is to have the reason and logic that was sent down by Allah and deciphered by the scholars for that is the best of logic and reason.

The second thing you need to consider is whether they are civil. Many people are atheists because they think it is the truth and are willing to accept something else if they realize it is the truth. They are willing to listen and possibly accept your calls to Islam. They should be looked upon with pity for they are lost in this world which is nearly bereft of spirituality. The other type seems to see atheism as an ends within itself. They do it to make people angry. Those were the atheists at the table described in the aforementioned post. There is no point what-so-ever in arguing with those people. Leave them for they will not listen and will only disrespect the message of Islam.

These are two very simple ideas and though it is little, insha’Allah it helps.

Another thing people are googling is Rihla 2006 pictures. Once I figure out how to deal with pictures on wordpress, I might post a few. if not, I’ll put some on photobucket and link it here. I’m really busy with school so it might take a while.

Make dua’ for me.

Edit:  Two important things that I forgot to mention are to google some atheist arguments so you know what to expect and also joining a forensics club would not hurt either.


2 responses to “So, You Want to Debate the Atheists?

  1. Hey! Even I didn’t get to see your rihla pictures! Send them over 😦

  2. One day Abu Hanifa was set to debate an atheist about the existence of God. He arrived late, which angered his adversary. But Abu Hanifa had an excuse: “I’m sorry,” he said. “When I arrived at the river bank there was no boat. So I waited. All of a sudden a tree fell, turned into a boat, and right before my eyes I saw oars coming out of the log. Only then was I able to row the boat to get here.” The man was livid, sensing that Abu Hanifa was insulting his intelligence. To that, Abu Hanifa replied: “You refuse to believe the story I just told, yet you think that the earth, the sky, sun and moon just “happened.” If a boat cannot be built without a boatman, what of this whole universe?”

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