Hold onto the Sharia’, It’s All You’ve Got!

I was doing my farewell tawaf towards the end of Rihla 2006 and I was trying to come to terms with the idea of having been in Medina and Mecca and then having to leave them. How does one go back to praying a nafil normally when at one point a nafil was multiplied by 100,000? How can one even drink water normally when one has been drinking from zam zam for so long! During all these emtions, I saw a man praying in the middle of the tawaf path and thought “praying in the middle of a path is disliked in the Shafi’ Mathhab.” Then I thought of something. As long as I hold on to the Sharia’ that was sent down by Allah to his Messenger pbuh.gif, they will always be with me. I remembered this and thought it would be a good wisdom to share with everyone. Hold onto the Sharia’ and they will always be with you too! Trade the Sharia’ for anything and you will have lost everything no matter what you think you may have gained!  Oh Allah, unite us with our beloved Prophet pbuh.gif in the akhira and permit us to drink from his hawd!

My heart with always be in Medina!


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