Wisdoms of a Great Scholar

My great-grandfather, Sheikh Abdullah Shakfeh, was a very well-known scholar in Syria. I was told about him that he was a wali and he regularly conversed with Jinn. I was at my uncle’s house looking through some of his books and reading through his annotations and I found this. I did my best to translate and I pray to Allah that I did a good job and people benefit from this.

Meaning of Reliance (Towkeel): To clam one’s heart by knowing that Allah will keep his promise [of mercy for the believers].

Meaning of Submission (Tasleem): To keep in mind that Allah knows best [and act based upon it].

Meaning of Acceptance: To be pleased with Allah’s Universal mastery (being the basis of the impermissibility of loss of hope).

I think that anyone who walks down the streets keeping these in mind will have a greater perspective in respect to Islam, especially in these times.

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One response to “Wisdoms of a Great Scholar

  1. Yay you’re in Saudi now yay alhamdulillah 🙂

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