Asking First

I was at Jama’ Zaid waiting for my teacher and he was running late so I decided to call him.  I was having trouble doing so I decided to call  him with a cell phone that I had.  The problem was I had no idea how to use it and everything was in Arabic so I was having trouble understanding it.  As a testimony to this, I was unable to change the default Nancy Ajram background.  When I asked one of the other Shuykh that I knew from before how to use the phone, he noticed this.  He asked me about.  This is the important part of the story.  Instead of shouting at me and throwing me outside of the masjid, he asked me about this existence of this cellphone background.  What we frequently exhibit in America is that people like to jump to conclusions.  I hug my sister (because I love her) and people are yelling at me for intermixing.  A judge in an apostasy case is always supposed to ask the accused what they meant if they made a statement of kufr.

I hope people can learn from this.


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