Sheikh Saria Likes My Plans

Hamdullah I was able to talk to Sheikh Saria al-Rifai’ yesterday and he really likes what I’m doing with going into international law and bringing knowledge of jurisprudence back to America.  As he was still talking he offered me coffee and I accepted out of politeness but I wanted to hear everything that he said so I just took it in win mouthful.  It burned all the way down.  That’s about it.


6 responses to “Sheikh Saria Likes My Plans

  1. Your sister, your sister too has the same plans!

  2. I told him about you’re doing the same thing and how you were at Qasid with Sheikh Nuh. He said “Mash’Allah” and seemed REALLY pleased.

  3. May I ask, what do you exactly plan to do with international law?

  4. For example, in Iraq I would try to extradite the US soldiers responsible for the Haditha massacre so they would have harsher punishments. There are many examples like that and there are so many other instances.

  5. Greed, one of the seven sins.

  6. How does wanting to help the poor, oppressed, and underpresented constitue greed?

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