I am the Honey Connoisseur!

I started the day with realizing that I need to get honey.  I was going to visit my aunts and there is a great honey place near their place.  I was having trouble flagging down a bus so as a joke a tried to stop a guy riding a donkey.

Anyway, I get to the honey shop and compared to Syrian honey, the stuff in America might as well be sugar water.  The Yemeni honey was about $30 per half a kilogram (though it would cost up to $150 on the world market).  So I bought a fine mix Aleppo and Damascus honey which tastes better than anything I have ever eaten.  I’m bringing honey from here.

Then later that night Sheikh Usama Rifai’ (brother to Sheikh Saria Rifai’) gave a great dars.  He started out by saying that we must always remember Allah and some other general advice.  Then he started talking about the rules of trade.  He caused a slight stir in the majlas by saying that selling cigarettes is unlawful.


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