Memorable Quotes

I was able to go Jama’ Zaid last night to attend a dars given by Sheikh Saria Rifai’, one of the top scholars in Damascus. He’s really chill. He’s not one of those scholars that many people picture storming the mimbar and giving these lessons that no one understands. He laughed a good way through the dars. Anyway, here are a few fun quotes from last night.


Sheikh Saria talking about the Walima and its sunnas and etiquettes

Don’t show up early or late because that is impolite. The host frequently has to wait hours for the guests to come and the food gets cold.

He goes on about this subject for five minuets.


Q&A Session

Questioner: Can we sin in America against Americans?

Sheikh Saria: no

Questioner: but they are the enemy!

Sheikh Saria: No, No, No, No, may Allah protect us from the accursed devil, no!

I think you had to be there


Me asking where I can find a hadra

The scholar: Have you ever been to a hadra?

Me: yes

The scholar: Where, Jama’ Noor?

Me: Los Angeles


One response to “Memorable Quotes

  1. haha, so how did he react to the fact that you went to a hadra in LA?

    Anyways, we have hadras here twice a week and they are AWESOME. Much better than the ones at the suhba… 🙂

  2. He laughed as though hadras didn’t belong within 100 miles of LA. Then I told him it was by Sheikh Nuh and he understood.

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