Live from Syria

I tried to upload this great picture I took of Jama’ Ommawi but 56k is not enough so i aborted.  Anyway my studies have started and I find them not only to be greatly beneficial in themselves but also a good warmup to the Rihla program.  If I can’t take four hours of studying then I have no place in Sheikh Hamza’s circle.  I’ll put the pictures up when I get back inshAllah.

Question or Comments?


2 responses to “Live from Syria

  1. Who are you studying with?

  2. His name is Ustadh Usama Badawi. He is a scholar at Jama’ Zaid bin Thabit. Anyone who has been to Damascus knows how prestegious it is. That’s why they don’t get out ijazas. But once my cousin gets back from Dubai, Ustadh Mahmoud Shakfeh, he will teach me insh-Allah. He is also associated with Jama’ Zaid.

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