I’m in Syria

I just finished settling in and I found a guy to study with at 6. 

The sushi here is not much to brag about.  While I was at the restaurant, Italy scored and the street went crazy.  I was on the way to the mosque to pray Mughrib and people were still going crazy and honking their horns loudly over the goal during the athan.  Now I realize why the Somalis banned the World Cup.

Questions and Comments


2 responses to “I’m in Syria

  1. Why do Syrians like Italy? Yeah, when people act like fools because of sports then it becomes a problem. If only they had passion for Islam like that…well not to act like fools but just the passion part.

  2. The most about the world cup I’ve seen is people paying attention to it on the radio and on TVs in restaurants but other than that, Jordan barely feels it…

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