Survey highlights Islam-West rift

"Many Westerners see Muslims as fanatical, violent and intolerant, according to the study by the Pew Research Center in Washington. Muslims, for their part, tend to view the West as selfish, immoral, and greedy – as well as fanatical and violent – the survey says.

The researchers canvassed the opinions of 14,000 people in 13 countries."

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One response to “Survey highlights Islam-West rift

  1. Well, for one, at least most people don’t think Arabs carried out 9/11.

    Secondly, I heard about a poll from Gallup that asked Americans what they thought of their Muslim neighbors. 33% said nothing and 20-something % said “I don’t know.”

    How amazingly sad.. In fact, oddly enough, that’s what I posted about. We need to embody Islam more in our lives. We can’t just expect people to listen to our words without action. The Prophet (sAllaho alayhi wasalam) was considered the “walking Qur’an.” People converted merely because of how he acted and looked. SubhanAllah.

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