Dog praised for life-saving call

I know I said I would not post until I arrived in Damascus but the travel agency delayed my flight day and I just had to blog this.

Apparently, in Florida of all places, this man has a diabetic seizure and the dog bit the cell phone and was able to call 911.  Wow.

While you're at the BBC, take this quiz.  Hint, the names of the countries are in many of the chant if you listen closely enough.  


2 responses to “Dog praised for life-saving call

  1. Ah, that makes sense. Someone told me about this story and I didn’t believe them lol. So then they told me to train my cat to call 911 and I said even though his paws are too big for my cell phone buttons I could set up my voice activation to call 911 when he meows into the speaker. The only problem is getting him to slide open my open cell phone and then press the voice activation button before he meows and thats even assuming he would know when to call 911 or if he would even care to do so…that ungrateful cat!

  2. Oh and when were u supposed to leave and what day are you leaving now?

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