What a Headache

My summer plans: Go to Damascus and study Reliance of the Traveler. Go to the Rihla Program.

Problems that have occurred:

I can't fly directly from Damascus to Jeddah but I have to come in from either the US, UK, and Canada. The solution is to fly to London then to Jeddah.

I can't walk in Damascus otherwise I might be drafted. The solution is to walk in anyway with my draft deferment papers and pray.

I need to get my visa by sending my passport to the Saudi Embassy in D.C. The problem is it has to be done at a certain time which means I will have to send it from Damascus. It might take too long to get back. Solution pending.

I owe the coordinators much for working with me thus far.


3 responses to “What a Headache

  1. marry someone in damascus and then marry someone in jeddah, and you’ll be straight

  2. Out of desperation, I was considering that for a second… :/

  3. I am starting out on my journey in rediscovering my faith. How ignorant I have been. I envy those who go on the Rihla program and its an aspiration of mine to go on one myself. Inshallah. One day.

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