Somebody Out There Doesn’t Like Me

Now that my internet is back, time to blog.

I sent out an e-mail a little while ago over the MSA listserv about SunniPath opening up for their summer registration. The way I see it, if the MSA has more Muslims who are knowledgeable about the deen, especially Islamic Creed, the more successful MSA will be because of the increased baraka, better dawah, and all around stronger Muslims. I used SunniPath because I know that many of the teachers working with it studies with some of the greatest scholars in the world. Sheikh Nuh Keller studied under the brilliant Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Shaghouri (may Allah have mercy on his soul). Sidi Faraz Rabbani studied with the greatly esteemed Sheikh Adib Kallas and hence my choice for SunniPath. Anyway, someone replied with this:

assalamu alaikum,

Please do not promote sufi/ashari aqeedah on a message board open for
students of all madhahib.  if you want to promote what you deen(sic) to be
of this religion, please do it a place where people will not be guided
away from the sunnah.

please keep the message board for events related to muslims at usf
jazakAllah khair

What a hater. The vast majority of our great Damascus scholars, who are praised in many ahadith, are Ashari and according to Imam Ghazali (who was apparently not a Sufi according to my Middle East book), tassawuf is a fard 'ayn. This does not necessarily mean that all Muslims have to join tariqas rather, it means all Muslims must be on the quest to be closer to Allah. Therefore, to imply that the vast majority of the scholars of Damascus are misguiding people and that Imam Ghazali was wrong can only be the result of the lack of knowledge. So if you are the person who wrote this e-mail, I strongly recommend you go to SunniPath and take some classes. I also recommend this for every Muslim because knowledge is the greatest of superrogatory acts.

I Said Good Day!


2 responses to “Somebody Out There Doesn’t Like Me

  1. Since was ash’arism and sufism synonomous?

  2. It’s important to understand that many people are ignorant of the deen. They do not understand true scholarship and feel like with a translated Quran and book of Hadith in their hands they know how to follow it. I agree that if more Muslims were knowledgeable about the deen, the better it would be for the MSA, and the better it would be for our Ummah. A lot of people hate on Sufis because they don’t understand what Sufism is. They have a warped view of it and feel like being Sufi means you’re part of a sect and you’re ignoring the other dimensions of Islam (someone actually said this to me about how Sufis are solely spiritual and you can’t ignore other sides of Islam). That being said education is absolutely essential. SunniPath is a great site and has much more reliable stuff out there than a lot of the internet junk. And we do have people like Shaykh Faraz who have learned under great scholars and didn’t deem themselves fuqaha after reading just one book on fiqh.

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