"There are some people, he (The Prophet S.A.W.) said, who go into religion so hard that they come out the other side, like an arrow passing right through its target." -Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad

"Going too far is the same as falling too short" -Confucius

"We're living in an age of such extremes that the one who's not driven mad by it is not sane"- Sheikh Hamza Yusuf quoting a poem

These are just some thought that have been looming over me for the past couple days.  Think not only terms of the extremists like Usama bin Laden and the like but also the extremism of MTV and the like. 


One response to “Extremism

  1. I have a difficult time finding a balance too sometimes. Its like am I being too hard on myself? Do I really have to give this up? And other times I just feel like I am letting loose too much. Feels like a constant back and forth motion…can be dizzying at times.

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