Photography and Islam

Lately, I came across a number of photographs through different mediums regarding Islam and I thought that I would show everyone these.  First there is the photographic odyssey of Syria at Deenport.  There were really interesting and I liked the photographs of things that, even when I tried to capture them, I could never take good pictures of.  I bought a new a camera that is really good so inshAllah I will take same nice pictures in Syria and Saudi Arabia and I will post those once I get them.  I have been working on my skills since I got it.

Another medium I got it from was from a book called In the Shade of a Tree  (good luck finding the book).  I found a used copy that was not all too well taken care of but masha'Allah Peter Sanders takes good pictures.  If you can find a copy, I suggest you check it out.

Also, hamdulah I was accepted to the Rihla Program.


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