Stuff I Bought

I bought a couple of things this week.

 First, after much thought, I bought this digital camera.  My parents are going to China and Danya is going to Jordan and they are the only ones with cameras so I asked if I could get my own because I'm going to be going to Syria and Hijaz.  I needed one with good zoom and a decent sensor so this seemed like the solution.

 Then I bought this reading light (I bought the Harry Potter edition).  I got into the habit of reading before I sleep so I bought two clip lamps, one for my bed in Tampa and one for Spring Hill.  The problem is that whenever I travel, I will not have reading lights because I do not think they have the clip lamps in Damascus and travel done at night might also be problematic.  

Comments on the choice of the camera and coolness/geekyness of the reading light?

 P.S. Spellcheck does not register "geekyness" as a word but I'm using it anyway just to be a rebel.  I'll have product reviews on these later.


One response to “Stuff I Bought

  1. That book light is well nice …i might just invest in one of those myself 🙂

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