Everyone Needs to Study Islamic Creed

On my campus, we have a table where we give Dawah from. People stop by and ask questions and we answer them. Nearby there is an atheist table with signs denouncing religion all over their tent and table. People stop by their table to argue, and the atheists love it. So anyway Wednesday was the last day for our table this year so some of the people from our table decided to go and argue with them. I realized this and I tried to get them to come back. The atheists did not like this. "Why can't we have a logical argument?" "Are you afraid of logic and reason?" I ignored them because they are just the type of people that like to make other people angry. Ultimately, I got the Muslims back to our table and I told them that was a bad idea.

What bothered me the most was the idea that none of the people trying to argue have studied Aqeeda. If they were asked a question by the atheists they could not answer, their faith could have been in questioned on a bad basis and only Allah knows what could have happened. To attempt to debate theology without knowing the science of Tawheed is a very dangerous thing. I recommended to them that if they want to do this sort of thing (which I generally discourage people from arguing with atheists because getting anywhere with them is difficult) to study Aqeeda. I recommended SunniPath.com to do so (and the study of Aqeeda is obligatory upon every Muslim anyway).

I was in Damascus studying Aqeeda and my teacher was giving reasons to study it. One of them is that in order to properly give Dawah, one must know Aqeeda. He then indicated (I forgot the exact words) that this was especially important for me living in the United States and such.

Conclusion, everyone needs to study Aqeeda. I suggest SunniPath.


3 responses to “Everyone Needs to Study Islamic Creed

  1. Shalom, I strongly agree with you. And aethists are almost always seasoned debators.

  2. Please, anyone who has looked into logical and “reasonable” arguments eventually end up hitting nihilism.

    And yes, study aqida! *ROAR*

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